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'Sudden Flight' - Larry Conklin and Candy Cooper, 2004

Songs of lost and found - after parting ways nearly 25 years ago, by fate Cooper and Conklin were reunited, and with a passion.  The years of memories and longing, and a dormant love come alive...The stories are in the songs:  two guitars and two voices, acoustic romance and poetic landscapes.

'Bittertruth' - Larry Conklin, 2004

This is a composite of Conklin's last two CDs that he recorded in Europe, before returning to America after 23 years.  Conklin is releasing them now independently on his own label, LC2.  Ten songs and two instrumentals, these are all touching moments of life, love and loss:  literate lyrics and fingerstyle guitar.  The arrangements vary from solo performances to accompaniments from guest artists John Renbourn and Michael Manring.


"This guy can really play acoustic guitar."

"Within the world of songwriters, Larry Conklin has had his own voice for a long time. He really deserves to be listened to."

"Conklin breathes the Blues, without being tied to the genre."

"What came then, for me, was the top act of the night. Larry Conklin plays the Blues - and how! Finger picking on the acoustic guitar, hard and dirty, loud and aggressive, with catching slide solos. Accompanied by a strong voice that is capable of expressing the madness and the small hopes of the world in a demanding and yet subtle way. What a feeling, what a guitarist! No fooling around, he just suddenly appeared on stage, did a brilliant performance using all the variables of the Blues, and vanished just as quickly as these fireworks had begun, followed by frenzied applause. An enthused outburst from someone in the audience: 'Man, with just six strings he sounds more powerful than a band!'"

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